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Sukkumalli coffee-சுக்குமல்லிகாபி தினமும் குடித்தால் கால்வலி போகும் என்றார் பாட்டி-Mallika Badrinath

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சுக்கு காபி | சுக்கு மல்லி காபி | சுக்கு கஷாயம்| ஊளைச்சதை குறைக்கும் | Weight loss recipe| Bone & Muscle strength

Dear friends, This recipe is from my friend s grand ma ..They shared this message also…..If we drink daily 3 times with coconut milk, muscle gets strengthened .Leg pain will reduce.Give a try and drink for 2 to 3 months. Kindly give feedback. I started drinking.
Mallika Badrinath.

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  1. Kala Vijayaraghavan

    You look a bit tired and your voice also is not as chirpy as usual.
    Hope it is just passing tiredness. Take care Madam!
    May God keep you in good health and enable you in your good service!

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