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சாண்ட்விச்சை இப்படி செய்தால் எல்லோருக்கும் எப்பொழுதும் பிடிக்கும்./ Travel Sandwich/ Lunch box

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# Bread sandwich # Healthy vegetable sandwich # Sechwan sandwich # kids Lunch box # சாண்ட்விட்ச் # Protein and calcium rich Healthy Vegetable Sandwich : Brown bread , butter , oil , cheese cube
For stuffing : Boiled potatoes ( mashed ) Sliced onions , grated carrot , shredded cabbage , cauliflower , capsicum , salt , Szechwan sauce , pepper powder , roasted sesame seeds, peanuts
Mint Chutney : Mint , coriander leaves , green chilli , salt , cumin seeds , Roasted gram , lemon

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  1. R.Harini Kanthinatarajan

    Very nice mam👌healthy and yummy sandwich.i first learnt to do sandwich from ur cooking show only .
    While using tawa u told to keep some weight on the plate to get even cooking.till now i am following that.i find it easier to make in tawa than in sandwichmaker.please give some tips while making in sandwichmaker.it sticks to the plate.


    Dear mam,watching you since so many years.you always shares the important tips to the viewers.it is so helpful even if it is a small tip,not many people share.thank you.sandwich class.kindly tell me how to select tawa for dosa and roti?Also tell me how to use the flax seeds in our regular southindian cooking.You are looking good and slim.weight loss eppadi paneenga?

  3. Geetha Prabu

    Mam,Very healthy recipe.I have been watching your programs from very young age . Would like to prepare the sandwich recipe for my kids, can you tell us the brand of the veg slicer you used, if it is amazon pls share the link.

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