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  1. YATRA. BS

    மிகவும் அவசியமான, அற்புதமான பதிவு… மருத்துவருக்கு நன்றியும், வணக்கமும்…

  2. Nirmala Gopalakrishnan

    Your words are very much useful also gives leading life in good, correct, perfect manner through good food habits. Because good food is a main part of life which make our life is a LIFE. Thank you Very Much

  3. Tamilselvan Sellamuthu

    #Collestrol forming in blood vessel is the cause for block which causes the heart attack.
    #Collestrol is applied due to the crack of blood vessels.
    #Blood vessel crack due is created due to the difficiency of vitamin A.
    #Take Beta-carotene rich foods to avoid it.
    #Beta-carotene rich foods: veg: Thinai(millet), Murungai keerai(moringa spinach), pappaya, carrot and mango(but with high sugar). Non-veg: fish.
    Chinna vengayam(Onion) -10 non boiled, poondu (Garlic)-10 boiled and Vendhayam(Fenugreek).

    Gene is like a key, only the environment triggers it.
    1) The biology of belief. – Lipton.(tedx for videos)
    chapter.The reason the environment stupid.

    2) Healing spices – Dr. Barath Agarwal.

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