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Milagai Bajji

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Milagai Bajji:
Bengal gram flour – 2 cups
Rice flour – 1/2 cup
Salt, Red chilli powder – as required
Cooking Soda – three pinches
Oil – for deep frying
For stuffing:
Roasted gram- 1/4 cup
Omum ( Ajwain) – 3 pinches
Dry copra – little
Salt, Tamarind – very little
Finely cut onions
For Garnishing:
Sweet Chutney – used in Pani Puri
Onions – finely cut
Lemon – 1

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  1. Manivannan D

    இட்லி மாவு ல வெல்லம், dalta சேர்த்து 6hrs கழித்து இட்லி செய்து வருவாங்க பிரமாதமா இருக்கும், but நான் செய்து சரியா வரலை, எனக்கு இனிப்பு இட்லி receipe pls

  2. Mohamed Khader

    Madam Good morning, Its my all-time favorite Milagai Bajii, it’svery nice preparing, please explain sweet chutney next episode I’m watching all ways without missing please update the same
    Thanks with regards #Khader

  3. julia roberts

    Hello mam, I learnt to cook subzis for Roti’s from your books, in early nineties, and that created a big interest in cooking, though I worked ( in central govt) ,I became a good cook. I have tried many recipes in your books, including sweets.
    Kindly demonstrate David han as potato uppuma, my gujarathi neighbour use to share with me before many years. Awesome dish.
    Thank you.

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